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Signage Catalogue

For Store Sale Setup

EOS 08 96x24 “Entire Store On Sale” storefront banner
EOS 08 24x8 “up to 60% off” Lightbox Posters (includes all panels - front and back). Same poster is used in store front windows (suction cups included)
EOS 08 36x76 “up to 60% off” banner for use on open platforms in new concept stores. use the pole + clamp hanging system.
EOS 08 17x22 “up to 60% off” easel sign (for lease line sign holder)
EOS 08 11x7.eps Partition banners for the metal section dividers in classic concept stores. use magnetic clips to hang.
EOS 08 6x2 “Entire Store On Sale” cappers for floor racks
EOS 08 24x72 banner “up to 60% off” shelf signs/slashers