Marketing Memo


Date:    April 23, 12

To:       All JM Stores

Re:       New Sign Holders


New signs for better in-store browsing


For Immediate Installation


With this shipment, you have received a box of new sign holders and the signs to go in them.


These sign holders must be installed on ALL faceouts, t-stand, 4-way and 2-way rack arms where bottoms are being merchandised. To install, simply stretch the rubber strap on the back over the end of our metal fixture. The rubber on the back of the sign holder is made of silicone and will not warp or tear. Do not be afraid to really stretch it out if needed.


These sign holders will be used to describe the fit of every jean that can be found behind them. For womenÕs product, we have supplied detailed descriptions including: Low Rise Skinny, Mid Rise Skinny and High Rise Skinny + specific Yoga Jeans versions

For menÕs product, we have provided less detailed descriptions including: Slim, Easy Fit and Loose Fit.


Install the correct womenÕs sign and menÕs sign using your best judgment.


The purpose of these signs is to help you of course, but more importantly, make our shopping experience less intimidating upon entry. We have a lot of jeans in our stores and itÕs hard t know where to start. These signs will help. (they also help keep the jeans from falling off the end of the rack!!)


For examples of how these signs must be installed, please see below. Make sure that they are always perfectly perpendicular to the rack and not tilted upward or downward. Please add to your daily maintenance plan - At the end of every day (or the beginning) make sure that they are straight and not tilted or askew as a result of daily wear.





T-Stand (New/Flat Bar Style)





T-Stand (Old/Round Bar Style)





4-Way Rack





In-wall Faceout