RE: New Product


Good morning,


This is just a quick directive to help you and give you examples of how to show your new product. You have recieved several styles of new denim and have begun to recieve fall bench packages.

Please take a look at the pictures to help guide you into placing these pieces in your store. Please be aware of the following points:


*Bench is NOT to go at the front of your store yet


*The first 8ft-16ft is still dedicated to Summer YDE product and fall

pieces that can be plugged in to the existing packages


*Fall inspired YDE should follow your summer impact (Next 4ft-8ft)


*Following that is where your new Bench should begin (Middle of the store)


*Layer your new Bench bbq jacket colours with the new sweaters on

face-outs and side hang corresponding product on the u-bar


*Some new Bench pieces will plug right into existing packages as they are the same styles in different colours, be sure to put them on face-outs to show the new colour ways.


*You do not have to layer hoodies in sections that do not have BBQ jackets on face-outs.


*ALL NEW DENIM MUST NOT BE HIDDEN! It MUST be on your sales floor, on T-stands or on face-outs in your wall or on your fixtures. You MAY use a T-stand on  your leaseline to represent new denim if you have one to spare, if not on your leaseline then in your first row, new denim MUST be seen from outside of the store.

Under NO circumstances should ANY of it be in a denim bay, stock boy or folded down on a z-rack, nor should it beside hung into a wall, if you cannot see the new styles of denim and where it is in your store by walking through it move it so you can! The new

styles have taken off ALREADY and you've only just recieved them so if you cannot see them neither can your customer!


*You CAN move your sale rounder back to accomodate this phase 1 transition.


Please forward all questions to Sandy and Steph, we are both together at Yorkdale today so call us on our cells or icq the store and we will call you. Please Icq back to confirm that you have read and understood this directive it will be followed up to ensure it is done.



Steph and Sandy


First 8ft YDE


First 8ft YDE.JPG

Mixing in Fall Pieces with Existing Product

Mixing in Fall pieces with existing product.JPG

New Bench of Face-outs

New Bench of face-outs.JPG

New Bench Package

New bench package 2.JPG

New Bench Package 2

new bench package.JPG

New Silver on Face-outs

New Silver on face-outs.JPG

New Silver on T-Stands

New Silver on T-stands.JPG