Gift Cards Instructions

In your POS on the right side, click on ‘F6 Certificates’. A new screen will appear that looks like this:

 Click on the Add button to initiate the process. A new Gift Certificate # will appear. Delete it and enter in the last 10 digits of the gift card. As well, enter in the total value of the gift card to be purchased. We now hit post. Your screen will now look like this, and we hit ok:


You will then be taken back to your POS screen where a line will automatically be created for a gift certificate for the amount you posted in the previous screen. Proceed with the payment and charge the card through the SVS terminal.

Credit Notes Instructions

The process is very similar for a credit note. Proceed through the normal return process, and after everything is scanned and you are finished, enter the payment section, and this time select credit note as the method of payment. YOU MUST WRITE DOWN THE CREDIT NOTE NUMBER ON THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT. The credit note number can be found in the bottom left corner of the payment screen. 

Before we can fill up a gift card with the credit it is imperative WE SELL A GIFT CARD FIRST. Do a regular sale, click on ‘F6’ Certificates. On the GC screen, click add, insert the last 10 digits of the gift card, input the amount of the credit, and hit post. Now your POS screen will have a sale for a gift card for the amount of the credit note. The final step here is to pay for the gift card. Click payments and select Credit Note for the method of payment. You will then be asked for the Credit Note number, which you wrote down on the original receipt. Enter it and hit ok, and complete the sale. Now you can charge the Gift Card for the credit note amount through the SVS terminal. In doing this process, there should not be ANY credit note balance in your cash register. If there is then you have not been following proper procedures.


If you have any questions contact you DM or Darren at ext. 259         Thanks- Darren