Mannequin Directive


To be completed by: Thursday September 2nd, 2010



The windows this week and the following week are just about Denim, Denim, Denim. Use the styles your store has in stock and layer from lightest to darkest, darkest to lightest, even toss in grey denim on both men and woman.
Anything goes to show our customers we are a denim store, we carry
many different labels, styles and washes!




If your store has the Jack n Jones underwear, put it on the men, if not zip up the first layer half way. For woman, zip up the first layer half way. As you layer, ensure you increase each jean by one size.  



We are not using tops in these window, instead choose jeans with noticeable detail to peak customers interest, and wrap it around the mannequin torso. For women put a bright coloured boob band on them first. To hold the jean in place, choose your favourite belts and wrap it around the bodies.

  Use your creativity in wrapping the belts!!
Any questions, please call me at Yorkdale!