Merchandising Memo

Dec 7, 2010


Good Morning Everyone!


This is a quick visual directive in regards to holiday dresses. The holiday dresses are a staple for this season as there are a ton of parties, it is no secret how well we do with our dresses so we would like to ensure all stores are set up accordingly:


*Please make sure your holiday dress package is on a T-Stand, not a 4-way and not in your walls or hanging off the side of a fixture. Also make sure if they are on a t-stand they are not split up onto two t-stands with denim, all dresses must be on 1 t-stand.


* Put your top selling dresses as face-outs on either side, YDE-7216 and YDE-7112 are two top sellers company wide.


*Ensure that this T-stand is located in the middle-front of the store, it must be seen on the floor.


IMG00318-20101206-1927.jpg IMG00320-20101206-1928.jpg


If you have any questions please call 647 668-0846. This MUST be done in

ALL stores.