To:                   48, 35


From:              Darren


Date:               May 1, 2009


RE:                  Dex and Parasuco Sale Items



You will be receiving a variety of Parasuco and Dex sale items. The following will outline the prices of them:


  1. PDO-1028 is the code for all tops. They are priced at $34.99 but we will sell them at 2 for $20. This is an amazing price and we should blow them away by Monday! Please tag these items at 2 for $20
  2. PDO-1029 is the code for the Dex Denim Jacket. $79.99 and we can go 60% off. Please tag these jackets at $31.99
  3. PDO-1030 is the code for the Dex Jeans. Same pricing as the jackets - $79.99 at 60% off so tag them at $31.99


All 3 promotions are in the rules manager. Put all items on sale racks that correspond to their promotion. If there are any questions let me know.