Marketing Memo


Date:    1/6/2012

To:       All JM Stores


“Perfect Bod” (Level 33) Seamless Tanks




This week you received some cappers for the Level 33 seamless tanks. As you already know, the Level 33 seamless tank is a great layering piece but what makes it really special is its comfort and compression properties. The compression very neatly and comfortably tucks everything in for a very flattering body shape, giving you the “Perfect Bod”.


Merchandising Instruction

These tanks are beginning to take off and some stores have harnessed the selling power of this item already. It’s an easy add-on item to any purchase and for that reason, it is necessary that we merchandise accordingly. All tanks must be put on crystal hangers and hung on a t-stand. The t-stand must positioned against your cash counter (parallel) and to the right of where the customer stands when purchasing merchandise (see example below).

This positioning will allow the cashier to easily reach over to pull tanks over the counter to show a customer and add it to purchase. The t-stand is also not to far from the fitting room area so you can still easily grab one or two to bring to a customer.

Finishing touch – add the “Perfect Bod” capper to the top of the t-stand so the sign faces the front and back of the store.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.