Marketing Memo


Date:    2011-10-12

To:       All JM Stores

Re:       Once In A Blue Moon Sale


Once In A Blue Moon Sale



Friday October 14th-15th

I want to thank you all for the tremendous effort in building a great SMS subscriber list. In keeping with our promise to provide exclusive offers and promotions to subscribers of this list, we are sending out an exclusive invitation to shop the Blue Moon Sale before everyone else. Subscribers who receive the invite will be entitled to 25% off regular priced merchandise on Friday and Saturday before the big Sunday event.


SMS Invite – this is the invite subscribers will receive

Jean Machine mobile exclusive: Get here 1st! 25% OFF in-store 2day & Saturday. Oct 14-15 only. PIN ### Txt STOP @ anytime 2 opt-out.



In order to get the discount, the recipient must present the invitation on their mobile device at checkout. Only the owner of the device is entitled to the discount. It cannot be shared or forwarded.

Use the appropriate discount code when applying the discount to the purchase.

PRF- Preferred Customer Day 25% off



You have received a tracking sheet attached to this memo. All phone #Ős belonging to customers who present the invitation must be recorded.



Valid on regular priced merchandise only. Oct 14-15 only. Customer must present mobile message at checkout in order to receive discount. Customer must be the owner of the mobile device. Sharing and forwarded messages will not be accepted. Not valid on the purchase of Jean Machine gift cards.


Do not set your store up for the sale on these days. This is an exclusive invitation only event. Preparations for the SundayŐs sale may only take place at store close on Saturday.