Promotional news and information for the Masters of Denim at Jean Machine


Date:    August 22, 11

To:       All JM Stores


It’s back to school and Jean Machine has got a great TEXT IN program to help our Masters of Denim strike up a conversation and make sales.  All Jean Machine people MUST attempt this SMS program to ensure you get it : ).


Starting August 27th, 2011




Strike up a conversation with customers by letting them know that if they text “FIT” to 12345, they could win a pair of jeans.


But also tell them even if they don’t win the prize they’ll get $10 off the purchase of any 1 pair of regular priced jeans! All they have to do is respondLABELS” to our text.


THIS WILL HELP YOU STRIKE UP CONVERSATIONS and get customers excited to shop. In a recent SMS program at American Eagle in the US, select stores that participated witnessed a 5% lift in sales and each staff member was able to get an average of 7 customers to SMS in a day.  Your target is to try to get 5 people to text in each shift.







1 person a day (in Ontario) will INSTANTLY win a free pair of jeans (From August 27, to September 17).. People who win the prize will be informed by this text message:


Sweet! U're 2day's Fit To Share winner. Speak to a Jean Machine Instore Rep within 24hrs to get u're prize. Standard txt rates apply.”


Process to Award Prize:

1.     Congratulate them. It’s an instant win program so they must claim their prize on the spot (there is a possibility that a customer may call the store if they won. Please let the customer know that they must come to claim their prize within 24 hours)

2.     Please help them select their prize of a free pair of jeans.

3.     Please use a Jean Machine’s staff’s mobile phone to take a picture of winner with their Jeans (send this image to

4.     When cashing them out, kindly request and write down their Full Name and Mobile Number

5.     Request that the winner delete the “Prize” SMS message in front of you for security reasons. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – you cannot fulfill this prize claim until the SMS message has been deleted.

6.     Please Call Jason Perlman at 416-858-6603 (any time, day or night or weekends) at head office immediately to inform you have a winner and to get authorization to reward the prize. Provide Jason with their name and mobile phone number.  This ensures we are able to track the 20 winners.




Everyone that doesn’t win the prize of a free pair of jeans receives this Text message:


“Sorry no dice BUT, text back “LABELS" for $10 off any 1 pair of reg priced jeans 2day and get future SMS offers. Std txt rates apply.”


It is VERY important that you get customers to text back LABELS because:

1.    It gets the $10 off any one pair of regular priced jeans.

2.     VERY IMPORTANT TO THE STORE: This gets customers on a TEXT list for more great Text offers and news from Jean Machine.  This is great because it gives your customers offers on the Labels they Luv that they can’t get anywhere else. It will also bring customers back to your store more often. We will be using this list to inform customers of the next Once In A Blue Moon Sale!



It is very important for your store to get as many customers as possible signing up for the TEXT program by responding “LABELS”.  The more customers you convince to sign up the better offers customers get by TEXT and the more traffic we can invite back to your store using TEXT.


Offer Conditions: $10 off 1 pair of regular priced jeans only. Limit one per customer. Customer must present mobile coupon (SMS) to cashier at time of purchase. Customer must delete coupon to receive discount. Not valid in conjunction with other promotional offers or discounts. Expires September 30th, 2011.


Processing: USE DISCOUNT CODE SMS (description: SMS –$10 off)





1.     Jean Machine staff need to tell customers about this TEXT contest.  This is your ice-breaker with customers.  There will be posters at the front of the store that advertise that they should speak to Jean Machine people about the contest.

2.     Contest runs from August 27, 2011 to September 17, 2011.

3.     People have 24 hours to claim their contest prize from the time they receive the text.

4.     A full copy of the contest rules will be available behind the cash if anyone wants to see them.

5.     People might experience a delay in receiving their text this is because some carriers are slower then others.  If customers says they haven’t gotten a text back, (1) check to make sure they TEXTED “FIT” to 12345 correctly and if they have; (2) check signal is strong and (3) explain that some carriers are slow to send SMS messages and to be patient.

6.     If asked, explain that standard text message rates apply on all TEXTS.  That rate is based on their personal plan.

7.     If asked, explain that they can stop receiving TEXT messages from Jean Machine at anytime by replying STOP.

8.     EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW, it is great to get on the exclusive Jean Machine TEXT MESSAGE LIST because you will get great LABEL NEWS and OFFERS that you can’t get anywhere else.  All they have to do is respond “LABELS” when prompted in the TEXT message.  



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