Marketing Memo


Date:    November 22, 2011

To:       All JM Stores


Black Friday Sale


Friday November 25th – Sunday November 27th


Buy One Get One 50% off*

Conditions: Regular priced merchandise only. Second item of equal or lesser value


We are very excited to be running our very first Black Friday promotion this year.

Here’s what you need to know and how to setup.


POS Materials

All Stores will be receiving the following:

Lightbox posters (not including stores with no panels)

Instructions: replace existing posters but do not discard, as old posters must be reinstalled at the conclusion of the promotion

11” x 7” cappers

Instructions: slide into the sign holders above floor racks or on the branded blade signs that hang from your merchandise cabinets (applicable to new stores only). Use only as needed. The 11” x 10” header cards should be your number 1 option for floor racks.

11” x 10” header cards

Instructions: slide in between the existing brands in the sign holder above a floor rack. The brands should still be visible while the offer can be clearly seen above sticking out from the top of the sign holder.



11” x 14” wall signs

Instructions: use the clips provided to attach to faceouts on your highest level (3rd tier) within your merchandised wall sections. Position in front or merchandise and place on every 2nd faceout beginning from the front of the store (see picture example)


IMG_0085-1Macintosh HD:Users:JRP:Desktop:memo pics:IMG_0086-1.jpg

Attach clip to faceout as in example above. If there is no room on your faceout because of the amount of merchandise or heavy winter coats, an alternate install is to attach to hanger as in example in picture on the right.


Easel signs

Instructions: install in your lease line sign holder for passing shoppers to see


Select stores

60" x 24" storefront banner (#24, #54, #79, #87)

Instructions: place this banner on your mannequin platform in front of your mannequins. The sign can simply rest against the mannequin display. Make sure it is visible to all shoppers passing by.



48" x 24" window banners (#11, #14, #32, #45, #50, #86, #88, #201, #202, #203, #204, #205)

Instructions: use the suction cups provided to attach these banners to the inside of your windows. Use your best judgment to position at a height that can be visible to all shoppers passing by. A general rule is to position the bottom of the sign around the knees of your mannequins and in the center of the window.


Transaction Processing

The POS has been configured to automatically apply the Buy 1 Get 1 at 50% off promotion when the cashier hits


after scanning all products.



*Special Offer*

On Thursday November 24th, we will be inviting our SMS subscribers to shop the sale early. The message will go out in the afternoon with the intention of driving some incremental business your way to build some momentum into Friday. As always, the SMS subscriber must present the invite on their phone in order to get the discount.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jason Perlman

(416-498-6601 x211)