Marketing Memo


Date:    March 14, 2011

To:       All JM Stores

Re:       $10 Off Bench Promotion



$10 Off All Regular Priced Bench Merchandise Valued @ $70 or more Promotion



Promotion Begins Once Signage Has Arrived!!


What you will be receiving

$10 Off Bench Cappers

$10 Off Sale Tags



Bring t-bar of merchandise to front and use appropriate capper above the rack (lead with BEN-1086)

Add signage to your walls where you have qualifying Bench merchandise (see pics)


-install faceout at center of u-bar

-using a ̉CÓ clamp, fasten a sign holder to the faceout

-install correct signage into signholder


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jason Perlman (416-498-6601 x211)