Marketing Memo


Date:    March 17, 2011

To:       All JM Stores

Re:       $10 Off Bench Signage



$10 Off Bench Support Signage





Included is the following


17 x 22 lease line easel sign

install at center of store opening as far into the mall as possible so can be seen by passing traffic coming from either direction



36” x 15” window signs (select stores)

install inside your windows facing out using the suction cups provided. Distribute evenly if you received more than one. Use your best judgment for height. Find the “sweet spot” on your window where the sign can be easily seen without blocking your mannequin display entirely. Usually around the knee of the mannequin is a good position.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Jason Perlman (416-498-6601 x211)