MAY 21, 2015

Masters of Denim Staff Picks

This spring we celebrate the exciting trends of the season! How you choose to construct an outfit can completely transform the look. Our staff’s individual fashion style is so inspiring we needed to share it. Staff Picks feature looks styled exclusively by the staff at Jean Machine.

Layered Up And Spring Ready In Windsor: Laura (our model) & Sara (behind the lens) are from our store in Devonshire Mall, Windsor and have put together this cool Canadian spring layered look.

How would you describe your personal style?

Laura: I like to wear a mix of everything to keep my wardrobe exciting! I love a good pair of [Yoga] jeans that show off the booty, flowy tops, dresses, skirts; you name it. I like to have a lot of basics on hand to build up an outfit, while never shying away from unique statement pieces.

What inspired the way you put together this look?

Laura: This look revolves around my beloved Yoga Shape Skinny Jeans. I paired them with a sleeveless knitted top and an oversized white button down to give a semi-casual yet layered spring look. I added the scarf for a pop of colour and the denim vest because how can you go wrong with denim?!

What’s one essential piece of style advice or style tip you would like to share?

Laura: My essential style advice is simple: it needs to feel good before it can look good! Style isn’t just about clothing, it’s how you carry yourself when you wear them!

What is your favourite thing about Canadian spring?

Laura: My favourite thing about Canadian spring? Patio pizza! Plus the opportunity to wear literally any piece in your closet and explore the versatility of your favourite items.

Shop The Look Here:
Second Yoga Highrise Shape Skinny in Indigo Denim
Love & Love Roll Up Sleeve Shirt
Silver Jeans Vintage Denim Vest
Audrey Low Armhole Tank
Grandcraft Floral And Bird Scarf
Grandcraft Head Wrap (colours will vary by store)


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